Single Player Minecraft

So as you may or my not know, I have been playing the relatively addicting game called MineCraft. The image below is an overhead map of my world (click to see the actual size). 

Updated: 21 March 2011

As you can see, I have a nice well lit base surrounded by walls. I also have built a nice light house with several spiraling obsidian lines. On top of that I have a sky bridge that reaches out to hills and snow. In early March of 2011 I did a little terraformming. I demolished a good stretch of land and converted a mountain island to a plateau. There I created another light house. My first light house was not bright enough so, I covered this one with lava. Then I created a bridge to the plateau from the tall walls of my spawn island. Soon after I created a arch bridge to a check point to the wilderness.
I've wanted to start my own Minecraft server, which I am doing. I have tested out the server on an extra computer of mine. I imported this map to the server, but for some reason the spawn point was way off. I postponed the server idea and just kept playing single player. I expect to someday start a server. In anticipate that day, so I started digging a tunnel to a spot near the new "spawn." I complete that with a glass ceiling (under water). After cleaning up the "spawn" island and lighting it up I did some exploring. Soon I created a "summer home" into the side of a mountain... which I like the looks of.

For suggestions on what I should do or how I can light my base(s) better, send me an email. I will post all good suggestions on here. I will also keep this updated whenever I have any significant changes.

What you can't see here is my network of underground tunnels that connect everything under my base. I also have a huge dome, which when I built I found a huge natural cave to explore.


Light House with Spiral

The light house with obsidian spirals from ground level. A stone path with half stone borders that lead to the gates of the inner walls of my main base.

Near the top you can see a wooden external stair case that goes up ti the top level where a lava water fall provides light that can be seen from afar.

An inner spiral staircase goes up to the top and down to connect with my network of tunnels. I also have a network of minecart tracks, with boosters, that can transport me from my spawn to my underground dome, to my main base, to here, and back.

I am currently working on replacing the cobblestone with smooth stone. I may also replace the lava with glow-stone which would allow to me to install a sky light that would allow light, in the day time, to reach all the way down to the bottom levels of the light house.


 The dome has been my home for a while. It was my first big project. The shape created by me, without the aid of any dome creating devices for MineCraft.

The center of the dome contains a sky light surrounded by sandstone. Also it would be good to note that the ceiling is about 20 blocks below the surface.

There are three doors. The first, behind me, goes to my network of caves; this is also a stop on the mine cart track. The second door, directly in front, contains a strait cross section mine with stairs that goes down to bedrock. The far end hold quite a bit of un-mined redstone. The third door, to the left, goes down to the natural cave and dungeon I found.


 Lava Light House

 The lava light house looking west during the dead of night. This light house was built with the same design as above. The only difference is a double thick wall so I do not accidentally kill myself for walking into a corner. This also has a spiraling staircase to the top with a glass room a roof. The glass provides light down the center of the light house during the day. The lighthouse also extends downwards.  There is a water drop and a water ladder for fast transportation up and down. Speaking of fast transportation, there is a minecart station with a double booster at the bottom which connects to my central hub under my home island. (A lot of redstone a switched. The great this is that it all works.)

 Lava Light House
A view of my lava light house and arch bridge to "the wilderness" facing west/south west. The arch bridge was my first attempted at a large arch. I added an extra one block lip... just in case some spiders want to sneak up on me while trying to cross. On the north side of the bridge I added a little look out post so I can check out the area before blindly going out of the double doors and being ambushed by a creeper.

 Lava Light House

View 2                     -                     View 3                     -                     View 4                     -                     View 5

My Summer home. Built into a mountain so I needed a lot of windows where I could put them. My second floor is my viewing room where I have a nice view into a shallow bay (there is a 2 wide "river that goes out into the rest of the water area). The edges of the bay are hilly and have a waterfall here and there. The third floor has a deck and a ladder the goes up to my top floor. An open ceiling provides me with a non-claustrophobic feeling without the threat of mobs stopping by.

The first floor has a brick fireplace with a constant fire. There are also stairs that go down to the basement where I plan to start a little mine. I do not plan to connect it to my minecart track because it is not too far away from my underwater minecart station. I used a lot of wood because all my floors are planks. I plan to make the bottom floor walls stone and the other walls planks or wood (trunks). Luckily enough I have plenty of saplings that I keep replanting. This was a fun project.