Broken Canada: Card Game

BROKEN CANADA Hand Set (From Strongest to Weakest)

  • Royal Canadian
  • Broken Canada
  • Crowded house (double 3oK)
  • Full House (If set of 3 or pair = aces, you lose.)
  • 6 card straight-flush
  • 5 card composite curve
  • 6 card flush
  • 5 card straight-flush
  • 5 card flush
  • 4 card handed curve
  • 4oK (4 aces beats all but full house)
  • In hand 5card straight-pair (If pair is aces, beaten only by full house)
  • 6 card flat-straight
  • Royal quarter-straight
  • In&out 4 card straight
  • River of blood/oil
  • In&out 3card straight
  • In Hand 4card Straight Pair
  • 4 card composite curve
  • In Hand 3 card Straight Pair
  • 3 pair
  • Out Hand 4 card Straight Pair
  • Out Hand 3card Straight Pair
  • 5card flat-straight
  • 4 card Flat Straight
  • 3oK (3 aces beats all but full house)
  • 3 card Flat Straight
  • 2 Pair (kings and aces beats all under Full house)
  • Pair



Broken Canada: 6 card strait that includes 10,J,Q,K,A,2

Composite: The hand consists of cards from both your set and those in the pit.

Curve: A straight consisting of every other card (2,4,6,8,10/A,3,5,7,9)

The Flip: Card to the right of the dealer which can be traded out for after the switch

In hand: The hand you have has a pair which is also a component of the straight

oK: Of a kind

Out Hand: The hand you have has a pair which is independent of the straight

Set: Cards which are delt to you, and can be traded for the flip

The Switch: When you switch out cards (up to 3.) The first action after dealing.

River of blood/oil: All 6 cards are the same color (not suit)

Royal Canadian: A Broken Canada that is the same suit


The Deal:

  1. Deal one card to each player.

  2. Dealer sets one card from deck face up in the pit.

  3. Deal two cards to each player.

  4. Place one more card from deck face up in the pit.

  5. Place Flip Card from deck to left of the dealer face down.

  6. Deal one more card to each player.

The Bet and Play:

Round of betting. Each player may discard three cards in any combination (1,1,1 or 2,1 or all 3 at once), but they do not have to discard. If a card is discarded, then dealer deals player same amount of cards discarded. Round of betting: Dealer turns the Flip Card right side up. The player that calls it first (or in small games, touches it first) gets to trade the Flip Card for one of his or her own. The card they trade from their hand now becomes the Flip Card. Each player may choose to trade one of their cards with the Flip Card, but no more than once. Then a new Round of betting. Reveal cards to find the winnar.

Misc. Rules:

  • In the result of the same hands, player with the lower card wins.
  • If more than four players, use 2+ decks.
  • Family Feud: In the case of two full houses that do not included aces, the deck is cut by the person who has the lowest 3oK. Each player takes one card. The player that pulled the lowest card wins.
  • In cases of a Broken Canada and Royal Canadian, all players must discard all cards. Each player gets delt four new cards that they cannot change, except the person who got the Broken Canada or Royal Canadian who can change two of his or her cards.